How it all Began

I was not always chubby as a child. Sure I went through a few “heavy” periods of my life but when I graduated high school I was a normal weight and could comfortably wear a bikini. Then college came…

In my freshman year of college I drank alcohol about 4 out of 7 nights, sometimes even more. I also ate lunch at the cafeteria every day which consisted of a bagel with cream cheese, a bag of lays chips, cookies and a soda. Along with the other junk I was consuming I was probably taking in double or triple the calories I should have been. I also did not work out at all. Well that’s not entirely true; I worked out 2 times at the school gym when I was hungover = not fun. By the end of Freshman year I had easily put on about 40 pounds. I promised myself that I would work out and eat healthy all summer and my mom even bribed me by offering to pay me 5 dollars for every pound I lost. Well apparently I wasn’t interested in the money because that summer I did not lose any weight and in fact probably gained about 5-10 more pounds. Then came sophomore, junior and senior year. I continued to eat and I continued to drink and when I graduated college I was FAT! (I do not condone calling other people fat but trust me I feel comfortable calling myself FAT).

Then I moved to New York City. I wanted to be in the fashion world but let’s be realistic, the fashion industry does not do well hiring plus sized girls, especially ones who have no confidence. I was unable to find a job in that industry and took a job that I had NO interest in. The job I had actually was extremely stressful and I actually lost 15 pounds without even trying. The funny part is I was actually working as a store manager at a gourmet chocolate shop 🙂

Cue the boyfriend entering the picture… I met my current husband while working at the chocolate shop. He worked next store as a chef at an Italian restaurant and he would constantly come over to flirt. We hit it off on our first date and began seriously dating. With dating comes eating out at delicious NYC restaurants. With eating at said restaurants comes more pounds. Not only was the unhealthy eating causing weight gain but I was also in a very stressful apartment and work situation and I blew up. Thank god that my boyfriend loved me for me because I gained 50+ pounds on top of my already heavy figure. It got to the point where I hated EVERY picture of myself and I couldn’t find any clothes that looked good on me.

One day I just snapped. My boyfriend and I had go to Disney World and Vail, CO on vacations within months of each other and looking back at the pictures of me made me sick. Also to make matters worse, when we were in Disney World I had to sit in the “larger” roller coaster seats to fit. We returned from Vail in October, I continued eating like crap for a week or so and then on October, 31st, 2013 I made the decision to be a healthy person. My decision was partly based on the fact that I would be in one of my best friends weddings a year from then and I didn’t want to be the fat bridesmaid. The other part of my decision came from me just deciding to feel better about my self.

I will go into how I started in another post, but there you have it. Me in a nutshell.


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